About Ephemeral Pursuits

Founded May 2011

1. Lasting for a very short time
* – fashions are ephemeral

plural of pur·suit (Noun)
1. The action of following or pursuing someone or something.

Ephemeral Pursuits (this website)
founded Spring 2011 by Nick Long

1. Focuses on literature, pop culture, ephemera, and other printed matter. Ephemera includes film, photographs, broadsides, and other items not always meant to be lasting (excluding magazines and other bound items). Pop culture includes events, movies, television, and other trending items. All non-guest articles are written by a single person, Nick Long.

In short, my interests are picture books, literature, television, and movies. I also toss in the assorted random topic, because those unpredictable subjects are after all, ephemeral in nature. In general, whatever interests me at that moment in time, I’ll write about and then store on this site.

Some things that have stricken my fancy can be found listed on the homepage. There are countless subjects that I hold an interest in that I just haven't written about yet: Viewmaster reels, the Super Nintendo as the best gaming console ever, the amazing television sitcom shows of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and much more.